livan - Creative director

I Have Been Very Passionate In Korean Perms, beautiful Colors.

I believe honesty and customer service is above all, my clients like me for my personality and once I believe it is achievable, it will be accomplished. (Perhaps people may find me bold ^_^)

Coming to dbom hair, is what I’d love to experience in the long run, as a family, a team, and to serve my clients with passion! I’d love my future clients to see me as a friend, a stylist they can trust their scalp and hair issues, or new styles.

dbom's words: Livan is our latest dbom HOT female stylist who has alot to deliver! She's honest, trendy, young and positive! Above all, she's passionate. Her large clientele are ladies are she is great in handling them if they want a transformation, beautiful perms, and even fashionable colors.

Livan - Creative Director

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